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When will I be paid?

A very good question.

1/ 🤔 Is the invoicing correctly launched?

First, check that you have launched the invoicing: at the end of a mission, you need to go to your dashboard and:

Click on "invoice" next to the mission and indicate the number of days worked (if "invoice" does not appear, it means that the client has not yet validated your quote or added a Purchase Order number, write to us and we'll follow up).
Your invoice is automatically generated (you can find it in the "Invoices" tab and integrate it into your accounting like your other invoices) and the invoicing process is launched.

2/ 🧐 What does Acracy do when I fill in my billing information?

Generally, this is where our Sales team starts the heavy lifting, as there are several steps:

Supplier registration: With new clients, you must have already gone through this, there is an incompressible time for supplier registration with their accounting. We take care of it for you and afterwards, when it's already done, it's time saved for everyone.
Transmission of invoices + PO to accounting: we take care of it, as well as uploads on fun platforms like SAP
Invoicing follow-up: roughly speaking, our salespeople spend about 15-20% of their time chasing clients (with a well-established process of automated emails and personalized emails written in a threatening tone). So generally, when you're thinking "but where is my invoice for this mission?" we're already on our side with the 4th reminder email starting with "Unless I'm mistaken" (yes, we really say that).

3/ 🤓 Payment terms

As you know, we mostly work with large companies at Acracy and unfortunately this comes with its share of constraints.
Especially on payment terms: we depend on these terms to pay freelancers.
The rule with these types of companies is a payment within 60 days after the invoice creation date, sometimes 45 days end of month.
- 60 days: For an invoice created on January 1st, the payment will arrive on April 1st.
- 45 days end of month: For an invoice created on January 1st or even the 15th, it will arrive on March 31st.
When you invoice via Acracy, we commit to paying you within 60 days.

4/ 💸 How can I get paid faster?

To solve the problem of payment terms, we have set up the Fast-Track® service, with our financing partner Aria.
It's a service that costs you 2% of the amount of the invoice including VAT (so 100€ for an invoice of 5000€) and allows you to be paid in less than a week.
For an invoice created on January 1st, the payment will arrive around January 6th.
You can choose this service when launching client invoicing via the site at the end of the month/mission.
You don't have to do anything else: we deduct the 2% from the amount you receive and send you an invoice for this amount.
We strongly advise you to opt for this solution to avoid any cash flow problems. The 2% is the financing cost of our partner, we don't make a cent on this service.
Of course, you are free to increase your daily rate a little before missions if you want all of this to remain painless for you.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Updated on: 24/03/2023